6/2021 We are recently awarded a NIIMBL grant to develop novel analytical assays for AAV production. See the announcement here. Thanks for your support, NIIMBL!

6/2021 A review of smartphone videoscopy published in Advanced Optical Technologies. Congratulations, Yan and Shengwei!

5/2021 Together with Jean Ristaino and colleagues, a perspective paper on plant sensors and surveillance network published in PNAS (link here).

5/2021 Collaborated with Anna Whitfield and Jean Ristaino, rapid RNA extraction and plant virus detection by a smartphone-microneedle system published in Biosensors & Bioelectronics (Link here). Congratulations, Rajesh!

3/2021 We have two new MS students joining the group: Shrinivas Katkam and Harshita Koduri. Welcome~!

2/2021 It is a pleasure to join the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Chemistry as an Associate Editor for Analytical Chemistry. Thanks for the invitation!

2/2021 A new milestone of smartphone fluorescence microscopy: single-molecule imaging on the smartphone, published in Nature Communications (Link here).

1/2021 Our recent review article “Trends and Applications in Plant Volatile Sampling and Analysis” published in The Plant Journal. Congratulations, Oindrila!

1/2021 We are pleased that Monica Harshad Rathod has joined the lab from CBE’s MS program. Welcome, Monica!

12/2020 Smartphone-based COVID-19 diagnostics, published in Science Advances. Great collaboration with Tony Hu’s team at Tulane University. Congratulations to Tao and Shengwei!

12/2020 Lydia Skolrood joined our group as a new PhD student, welcome!

We enjoyed a special virtual year-end group celebration. Way to go, Wei group!


12/2020 Together with Dr. Yan Wang, we are hosting a Special Issue on “Smartphone-Based Biosensors and Diagnostics” in Biosensors. Submission deadline by Aug 31, 2021. See more information here.


9/2020 Dr. Giwon Lee joined our group as a postdoc scholar, who will be co-mentored by Prof. Yong Zhu (MAE, NC State) and work closely with the Emerging Plant Diseases Cluster. Welcome, Giwon!

9/2020 Rajesh and Emily’s review article on rapid DNA extraction published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Congratulations!

9/2020 Hunter Ryno, Sashank Sabbineni, and Natalie Kelmer joined the group as undergraduate researchers. Together with Emily, the team will work on a virtual project related to COVID-19 diagnostics. Welcome, everyone!

8/2020 We welcome Zach Hetzler, a new graduate student, to join our group!

7/2020 Our minireview on Agricultural Nanodiagnostics published in Nanoscale Advances (click here).

6/2020 Together with Jean Ristaino and Chris Jones, we are awarded a USDA APHIS Farm Bill grant. Thank you for your support!

6/2020 Dr. Yan Wang joined us as a new postdoc. Yan will be co-advised by Dr. Frances Ligler (BME, NC State). Welcome, Yan!

5/2020 Our new grant with the Cluster team is highlighted in the news! This plant sensor project is a part of the North Carolina Plant Science Initiative (PSI).

4/2020 Jointly with Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Liang Dong, we are hosting a Special Issue in Sensors and Actuators A on “Sensors for Precision and Digital Agriculture”. The call is now open for submission until Aug 1, 2020.

4/2020 Together with Dr. Yong Zhu (MAE), we received a fund from NC State’s Center for Human Health and the Environment (CHHE) to study human health-environment interaction with wearable sensors. Thank you for your support, CHHE!

4/2020 We will hold the 2nd Student Competition Session in the Sensors Topical Conference, a part of the 2020 AIChE Annual Meeting at San Francisco. The competition is open to all students participating in sensor research. Winners of the presentation will receive cash awards and certificates! The abstract submission deadline has been extended to Apr 30. Submit today!

4/2020 Smartphone fluorescence microscopy now moves into the single-molecule era, about 7 years after the demonstration of single-nanoparticle imaging (See the original work and comments here). The latest article is led by our collaborators Drs. Acuna and Tinnefeld (See here). Congratulations!

3/2020 In collaboration with Dr. Ashutosh Chilkoti and the Duke team, we are a part of the NIH R01 grant on cancer diagnostics. Thanks for your support, NIH!

2/2020 We received research grants from NCSU’s GRIP4PSI program (Game‐Changing Research Incentive Program for Plant Sciences Initiative) (see news here) and BASF to develop new plant sensors. Thank you for your support!

1/2020 Rajesh received two recognitions from the Department: 1) Honorable Mention of the 2020 Vivian T. Stannett Award for Outstanding Early Publication, and 2) Poster Winner (3rd place) of the 2020 Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium. Well done!









12/2019 Oindrila Hossain and Noor Mohammad joined our group as new graduate students. Welcome! Also, happy holidays to everyone!

12/2019 I’m honored to receive the NSF CAREER Award to develop new point-of-care sensors. Thank you for your support, NSF! See the press here.

11/2019 We joined this year’s Darwin Day at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and introduced our diagnostic sensors and smartphone devices to the kids and visitors. It is really fun to be a part of it!

11/2019 Together with Dr. Zheng Li  (Shenzhen Univ) and Dr. Jinsong Han (China Pharmaceutical Univ), we are hosting a Special Topic in Frontiers in Chemistry on sensors. See the link here. The submission deadline is on May 19, 2020.

11/2019 Our research is highlighted by SCIENCE&VIE DÉCOUVERTES, a French science magazine for the kids!

10/2019 Zheng joined Shengzhen University, China as a faculty member. Thanks for your contribution to the group!

Left to right: Qingshan, Tao, Jianfeng, Shengwei, Rajesh, Zheng

Shuming Ye (MSE) joined our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

9/2019 We have several new members who recently joined the group: visiting scholar Prof. Jianfeng Zhang from Ningbo University (China), undergraduate researcher Benjamin Gray (ChE), and high school researcher Razvan Matei from NC School of Science and Math (NCSSM). Welcome, all!

9/2019 Supported by a multidisciplinary faculty team at NC State and partners from MilliporeSigma and Pfizer Inc, our group received funding from NIIMBL to develop new in-line sensors for bioreactors. See the announcement here. Thank you for your support, NIIMBL!

9/2019 Billy and Jacob received the COE Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Award. Congratulations!







8/2019 In collaboration with Coby Schal, we received a grant from DoD to develop sensors for pests. Thanks for your support!

8/2019 Zheng’s work on cyanotoxin detection has been selected as the Supplementary Cover of Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations!

8/2019 We delivered two talks in the American Phytopathological Society (APS) Annual Meeting.

8/2019 We will miss you, Jingyuan and Yuming!

7/2019 Dr. Tao Yu just gave a great talk at the Biolunch Seminar about microRNA detection!









7/2019 Smartphone-based sensor sniffs out plant pathogens, just published in Nature Plants, in collaboration with Jean Ristaino. See NC State News here. Well done, Zheng!







7/2019 We welcome GEAR students Jingyuan Fan (ZJU) and Yu-Ming Yang (NTU) joining our group for summer research.

6/2019 Smartphone-based aptamer sensor for multiplexed detection of cyanotoxins in water, published in Analytical Chemistry. See NC State News here. Congratulations, Zheng!







6/2019 Rajesh’s paper is selected as the cover of ACS Nano. Congratulations!

6/2019 Group summer retreat @ Falls Lake.

From left: Qingshan & Chelsie, Rajesh, Tao, Zheng
From left: Rajesh, Tao, Shengwei, Zheng, and Qingshan
Beach frisbee










6/2019 In collaboration with Jean Ristaino and Zhen Gu (UCLA), our work on microneedle-based plant DNA extraction has been published in ACS Nano. See NC State News here. Well done, Rajesh!


4/2019 Emily, William, and Sandy received the Spring 2019 COE REU Award. Congratulations!







4/2019 Zach and Amy had a good time at the 2019 Spring NCSU Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium.







3/2019 We together with Jean Ristaino and Greg Parsons laboratories are awarded a research grant from NIFA, USDA to develop portable volatile sensors for plant disease detection. Thank you, USDA!

2/2019 Zheng Li received a 2018-19 NC State Postdoc Travel Award. Congratulations!

1/2019 Zhiming Dai (Computer Engineering) joined our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

12/2018 Wei Group celebrate holidays @ Acacia Tree Asian Cuisine! From left to right: Shengwei, Qingshan, Sandy, Zach, Emily, Zheng, Tao, and Rajesh.

11/2018 ChE undergraduates Emily Ostermann and James Caleb Nitka joined our lab. Welcome!







11/2018 Rajesh passed his prelim exam. Congratulations!






10/2018 Jacob and Amy received the COE’s Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Awards. Congratulations!






8/2018 Amy Halbing (Bio) received an undergraduate Research Award from the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) of NC State on her proposal to develop a point-of-care assay for brain injury diagnosis. Amy is currently working with postdoc scholar, Dr. Tao Yu. Well done! 






8/2018 GEAR program undergraduates Tian Qin, Xin Zhao, and ACS Project SEED high school student Joshua Greene presented their summer research in the NC State Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium (from left to right). In addition, our lab also hosted KGSP program undergraduates Yazid Alamry and Saleh Qaryan this summer.






7/2018 Rajesh presented our work on rapid plant DNA extraction using a microneedle patch in the BioLunch seminar. Great job!

7/2018 Excited and humbled to be among the winners of the Nano Research Young Innovator Awards in NanoBiotech 2018:

See Department news highlight.

6/2018 Dr. Tao Yu’s review article on plasmonic molecular assays for point-of-care diagnostics and global health applications is published in Nano Research. Congratulations! Check out the review article here.

Plasmonic Molecular Assays

5/2018 Dr. Zheng Li showcased our plant sensing work in the 2018 Postdoctoral Research Symposium. Well done!


5/2018 Ashlyne (Nutrition Science) joined our group for the summer undergraduate research. Welcome!

4/2018 We welcome William Marx (ChE) and Zach Schwartz (ChE) to join our group!

3/2018 Dr. Zheng Li joined our group as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome!

1/2018 Welcome new graduate student Shengwei Zhang, and undergraduate researchers:  Matthew Traenkle (BME), Justine Happel (BME), Jake Oros (ChE), Amy Halbing (Bio), Jessica Jones (ChE), Amy Williams (ChE), and Carmin Ball (ChE)!

11/2017 Dr. Tao Yu joint our group as a postdoc scholar. Dr. Yu received Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Nanjing University in 2017. Welcome to NC State!

10/2017 We welcome Jiaqi Ye (ChE) and Robert Ellwanger (EE) to join our group as undergraduate researchers!

9/2017 Madeline (CBE) joined our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

9/2017 Alyssa, Jennifer, and Zach received the Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Awards from COE. Congratulations!

8/2017 Welcome Alexandra (CBE) and Jacob (CBE) to join the group as undergraduate researchers!

8/2017 Smartphone fluorescence microscopy 101: check out our recent short summary article in BioPhotonics.

8/2017 Farewell to Jiaqi, Ying, and Wanru. We hope you have enjoyed your stay and wish to meet you again soon!

7/2017 We received a seed grant from the Kenan Institute. Thanks for your support!


7/2017 We welcome GEAR summer students: Ying Tan (ZJU), Jiaqi Wu (Jilin Univ.), and Wanru Li (Jilin Univ.) for their visit!

5/2017 Taleb Ba Tis (MSE) and Nicole Spencer (BME) joined us as undergraduate researchers. Welcome!

4/2017 Welcome our new undergraduate researchers: Jennifer Arkin (BME), Zach Watkins (BME), and Davis Hudson (ABE)!

3/2017 Had a great visit and meeting with Prof. Shuqi Wang at the Institute of Translational Medicine and Prof. Ying Mu at the Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control, Zhejiang University. It was also memorable to see my advisor Prof. Jian Ji again in this beautiful season of Hangzhou.







3/2017 Alyssa Williams (ChE), Michael Iasiello (BME), and Stephanie Few (BME) join the lab as undergraduate researchers. Welcome to all!

2/2017 Our first 3D printing job. Great work, Rajesh!







1/2017 Rajesh Paul joins the lab as the first graduate student. Welcome!

1/2017 Wei Lab starts at NCSU.