Postdoc Positions:

We are constantly looking for highly motivated postdoc candidates with various backgrounds in point-of-care diagnostics, biosensors, microfluidics, molecular assays, nanomaterials, and optics. Potential candidates could send their CVs to Prof. Wei ( to apply.

Graduate Positions:

Our group routinely seeks one or two Ph.D. graduate students each year. Potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Prof. Wei ( regarding questions on research projects and the application process.

Undergraduate Positions:

Promoting undergraduate research is one of our lab traditions. We are looking for dedicated undergraduate students to join the lab for hands-on research experience. Undergraduate students with various backgrounds from all STEM majors are welcome to apply. Focused research areas will include but not be limited to biomedical micro-devices, imaging and sensing, nanomaterials and nanofabrication, bioassays, microfluidics, and image processing. Interested candidates should send their CVs to Prof. Wei at

A list of peer-reviewed articles contributed by previous and current undergraduate researchers (underlined) can be found below:

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